Qi Changing Days 2016

The meaning of Qi changing days

What Is QI?

When two extremes collide, a third matter is created. The Chinese Philosophy knows this as Qi. In this case, the border between two extremes of Atmospheric Pressure occurs at the dates listed below as one changes to the other.

Why QI Changes Are Important?

Our body requires many nutrition intakes to be healthy. Food is widely known as an intake of nutrition, but there are others like Temperatures, Colours, Atmospheric Pressure and Magnetism, which also enhance our body functions. Therefore, changes of Qi will affect our bodies’ internal pressures; hence the whole body reacts differently depending on the time of year. In many cases of illness and/or complaint(s) the symptoms will be worse during these dates, give or 3 days either side. In the past, some cases have been noted as far as one week earlier or later than the listed dates, but the same twice-monthly pattern still applies.

What This Means For You?

If conditions have been worse before the Qi change dates, it indicates that your internal Qi responds quickly. This means the disorders are much easier to recover. Otherwise the condition is known as chronic and takes much longer to heal.

How You Can Benefit From This Knowledge?

Please make notes on the day that your complaint(s) is the worse in the month (usually twice every month) and keep this record for CT Clinic to diagnose in depth on how your internal Qi is behaving.


Qi Changes Dates

Month 1st Qi 2nd Qi
January 6th 20th
Febuary 4th 19th
March 5th 20th
April 4th 19th
May 5th 20th
June 5th 21st
July 6th 22nd
August 7th 23rd
September 7th 22nd
October 8th 23rd
November 7th 22nd
December 7th 21st